Outreach Africa

 DanABioDan Asiamah is the Founder and Director of Outreach Africa, which he began in October 1995. As an active propagator of the Gospel in Africa especially in the rural areas, he was struck by the poor living conditions of most people in the villages. 

Dan Asiamah is the minister for the Takoradi Church of Christ in Takoradi, Ghana, West Africa. Dan has been working with The Highland Church of Christ in Bakersfield, California in an active evangelistic outreach to West Africa. Dan, who is conversant in five different dialects, is a native evangelist and preaches regularly on radio and on television in Ghana. Together with the brethren in Ghana the message of Christ is shared with those who are in dire need in the cities and surrounding villages. When suffering occurs we are constrained by love to help and our brethren's pleas for help are met with food, bedding, medicine and mosquito coils. God's love is displayed thru his disciples and the gospels power touches the lives of many and calls them to be His children. When congregations are established, wells are installed (as funding permits) to provide for the basic needs of our Christian brethren. Dan has worked tirelessly to establish a free vocational school (OAVI) with an attendance well over 250 students in order to equip these students with skills to provide for themselves. The vocational students are destitute young boys and girls most of whom are orphans. Dan makes an annual visit to the Highland congregation and shares the needs and blessings of the church in West Africa.

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Contact Dan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit his website: http://www.outreach-africa.com