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One of the great blessings that the Village of Hope has recevied over the past sixteen years is the blessing of having Fred Asare assume the Directorship.  As a young man Fred learned the gospel and dedicated his life to the Lord.  He worked with missonaries who taught him how to sign for the deaf and used that great talent to establish several deaf congregations aournd Ghana.  Fred received a Business Degree from the University of Ghana and has used that education to benefit of the Village of Hope.

When Fred first began with the Village of Hope there was a half-built house and eight children needing care.  He saw to it that the house was completed, so the children would have a place to live.  Then he began a search for house parents and he was able to find a great couple; Roland and Gladys Bulley.  With his drive and planning the Village of Hope has grown from one home with eight children to nine homes with 219 children.  Fred's zeal, drive and hope has blessed these children in many special ways.  With his vision, we believe, the Village Of Hope will continue to grow.  

Street Children's Program (Synopsis)

In November 1999 a new initiative was begun in an effort to help with the growing number of children living on the streets of Accra. The program, which began with the goal of providing a meal a week to forty street children, now provides four meals every week to over eighty street children, both boys and girls. The boys meet at two locations; the premises of Nsawam Church of Christ building at Kokomlemle and the premises of Nungua Central Church of Christ at Nungua; the girls meet at the Agbogbloshie market. In addition to receiving free meals when they attend the program, they are given coupons with which they get additional meals from some selected chop bars.* The chop bar operators are reimbursed for the meals served based on the number of coupons they return to us. The street children are also taught the Bible and counseled on health, career and general life issues. They are also given clothing and medical care. Those who are responsive to the counseling and show a serious desire to improve their lot are assisted to move off the streets by being given vocational training according to their choices and abilities.

After sending many street children to receive training at various vocational centers and workshops, the Village of Hope started its own Vocational Training Center at the Ayawaso campus in March 2005. Twenty-four street teens have been trained since then and presently, there are eighteen young men enrolled at the center. They are learning weaving (see left), sewing of back pack, hand bags, brief cases and other luggage. These items are sold to help pay for the training. Once they complete the training they are able to work in order to move themselves off the streets, have a serious job and improve their lives.

As we demonstrate our love for the young men and women we also spend time teaching them about our Lord Jesus Christ. Many of them have given their lives to Christ. We do make it a point to show them that their place in the program does not depend upon their response to Jesus. We want them to give their lives to Christ because they want to and not because they think it will keep them in the program.


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