Facility Map



Sunday AM Class Time 9:30   Wensday PM Class Time 7:00
Location Class Name Content   Location Class Name Content
Main Auditorium Adult 1 Joshua Judges Ruth   Main Auditorium Adult Combined with Fellowship Hall
Fellowship Hall Adult 2 Combined with A1   Fellowship Hall Teens How to Study
Deaf Room Deaf  Disciples of Jesus   Deaf Room Deaf Revelations 
Young Adult Class Young Adults TBA   Young Adult Class Young Adult TBA
Youth Class Teens TBA   Nursery Cradle Roll  Stories of the Bible 
Nursery Toddlers  Stories of the Bible   Room 4 Age 1-4  TBA
Room 4 Age 1-4 TBA    Room 6 Grade 1-5  TBA
Room 6 Grade 1-5 TBA         
Office Hours
Jovan Payes' Office Room 8 Call for Appointments (661) 589-9017
Elder's Office Room 7  
Steve Jensen's Office Deaf Room Office Hours By Appointment *(661) 587-0395