JP family

Jovan Payes is a native of San Francisco, California. Not always interested in biblical faith, Jovan came to Christ as a young man after dropping out of high school, lost in the drug culture of "the City", and roaming the streets as a gang member. He doesn't pretend to be the worst story ever told, but simply an example that no matter where you are from, no matter what you have done, no matter who you are there is a place for you in the kingdom of God.

Jovan received his first biblical training at the Civic Center church of Christ in downtown San Francisco (now the Oceanview church of Christ, Pacifica, California), then at the Golden Gate Bible Institute hosted by the Airport church of Christ in South San Francisco. He is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University (B.A. Bible 2004) and continues graduate studies as life and time permit.

Currently, Jovan serves in Bakersfield, California, as an evangelist for the Highland church of Christ where he teaches and heralds the loving gospel of Jesus. Jovan has a passion for practical ministry, spiritual formation, Christian apologetics, and rich biblical studies. His writing endeavors and speaking engagements mirror this passion. He is co-creator of the Recharge Excellence Conference conference held in Monterey, California, and services as a coordinator and Director of Resources. Jovan further serves on the Board for the Hughson Christian School in Hughson, California.

Most importantly Jovan is a husband of 13 years and a father of 3 children of inestimable value. When he is not "the preacher" Jovan enjoys Star Wars movie time with his padawan learners, outings with his beloved, a good time with friends of all persuasions, pretends to still be athletic, and loves to cheer his 49ers and San Francisco Giants – win or loose. Or, you just might catch him hopping on a plane to join a medical evangelistic campaign with the Latin American Missions program.